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My collections

Here you will find the complete collections of all my designs. All of them can be purchased as fabrics, wallpaper or ready made items in my shop. If you don't see them available, let me know and I'll add them. You can also license any of these for commercial use and some are also available as NFT's.

Xmas collection_edited_edited.jpg
Modern Xmas.png

It might be only once a year but we do like to go all out with our decorations. The great thing with this stunning collection is there is a colour coordinate for everyone or you can mix and match throughout the house.

Tartan collection.jpg
Tartan plate.png

It's so classic, that tartan can be added to any theme you have in your home. It also makes for a very stylish fabric for clothing. Eveningwear or that burst of colour to make an outfit come to life. It's just so versatile. 

Summer festival collection.jpg
Summer Festival plate.png

This colour combination allows you to really mix 'n' match with the designs. For the beginner, a simple cushion pattern will bring an instant splash of colour.

My Garden collection.jpg
My Garden plate.png

Such a versatile collection. You can brighten up a conservatory or garden room with a tablecloth and placemats, or there's a whole range of gorgeous summer dresses that would look fabulous in any of the colours in the range.

British Counties Collection.jpg
GB plate.png

This collection is as diverse as the landscape and culture of the UK. And for those of you who prefer a geometric shape, this is packed with them. Ideal for the novice sewer.