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New designs a plenty....

Well, the last few weeks have been very busy here at Casa Moo, what with our renovation in full swing and I've been throwing myself into the design challenges on Spoonflower.

So this has led to a few collections that work brilliantly for the sewing community amongst the Painting Goat family but it also means some stunning ready-made-items in my shop.

Let's Go!


Seashell Pik 'n' Mix Collection

This collection comes from a design challenge on SPOONFLOWER with the theme being seashells. There are several colours and variations, all of which can be bought as fabric, wallpaper or as ready-made items in my SHOP. If, as a sewer, you are interested in me resizing any of the designs, just let me know.


Blue Tropics Collection

Another design challenge and this time the theme was Moody Topical. You may recognise some of the flowers and triangles from other designs of mine. They seem to fit perfectly with the black ferns, in the background. You'll find coordinates in my SPOONFLOWER shop and you can see they look great as everyday items too.


Rain Daisy Collection

This came about because of another daisy collection I put together and I knew in my files, somewhere, I had made a daisy out of a section of a painting of mine called 'Rain'. So I started messing a round with different background colours and there you have it.....a colour for every occasion.

You can see here, the original painting and in total there are seven colours to choose from HERE


Cubic Cupcakes Collection

As many of you already know, I often take sections of my paintings and manipulate them into geometric patterns and during this process I discover all sorts of new dimensions to my art. This was one of those occasions. There are coordinates to choose from in SPOONFLOWER and I shall be adding more over the next few weeks.


Well, that was fun! Thank you once again for all your love and support and don’t forget you can follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

See you soon, PG x

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