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March is 'sew' exciting!

Updated: Apr 5, 2021


Coming up! Fabric extravaganza, competition winner and a sneaky peak at my next collection.


Hello everyone! So how's March going for you, so far? Here in the Netherlands, the weather has been extremely changeable, to say the least. In the last few days we've had wind so strong my goats are virtually bald. Hailstones so big, it sounded like the goats were doing a Chorus Line on the roof. And so much rain, the goats have grown gills! Leaving me with dancing, bald....... fish goats????


I've mentioned the goats as many of you have asked where the name 'Painting Goat' has come from. Well, I am the proud owner of five Nigerian dwarf goats and although their painting skills are limited, they are a huge part of my life.


So, what a fantastic response to the Tote Bag competition! I was blown away. Thank you to everyone who participated. In case you haven't already heard, it was won by the lovely Renee Dennis Simmonds of Alabama. Her chosen bag is whizzing it's way to her as we speak and we shall get to see photos of our lucky winner in next month's newsletter. In the meantime, the design she has chosen is "MEDELLIN" from the SOUTH AMERICA collection and you can see this and all the other designs in the collection by clicking here.


Thank you for all your kind words about the SOUTH AMERICA collection. It's been a huge success. So much so, that after many of you asked if they could buy the fabric, I have now launched a new shop dedicated to just that....FABRIC! If I'm honest, it has been in the planning for a while, but your recent responses have confirmed to me that this is definitely the way to go.


So this is what you need to know. I am working with, based in Germany and the US, as they are the printing professionals because let's face it, what do I know about printing? I have a shop on their website that you can browse through and choose which pattern on whatever fabric you like. They currently have 21 high quality fabrics to choose from. I shall be regularly uploading new designs so make sure you are following me on my social media or subscribed to my newsletter to keep up with the latest releases. You can also buy the same design as wallpaper and they have a select few homeware items already printed, if you prefer. They ship worldwide.

For those of you in the UK, I shall be announcing soon, a printing partner based in the UK so that we can keep P&P lower. Thanks for your support and please do post pictures of your finished sewing projects.

That would make my day!


And quickly, before I go. I shall be releasing a new collection called 'AFRICA', next month, so here's a sneaky peak of what is to come. You can already access some of the collection in my shop but the full collection will be available from 1st March. Click here to see more.


Well, that was fun! Thank you once again for all your love and support and don’t forget you can follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

See you soon, PG x


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