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March is looking good!

Updated: Apr 5, 2021


Coming up, new collections, new website and your chance to win a fabulous prize!


Hello everyone and welcome to my first newsletter of 2021!

Since launching my fabulous new shop last year, I’ve been amazed at the response I’ve had, not only from friends and family but from the general public, worldwide. There have been many kind words and I can tell you, they mean everything. Being creative and sharing yourself with strangers can be a scary thing but you have all been so lovely, so I’d like to say a big thank you!


For many of us, this past year has awoken a new passion or revitalized an old one. For me, I’ve discovered that there is more to my art than a canvas on a wall. I’m now lucky enough to be able to produce my art in various different formats, on many different products. Which leads me to my amazing NEW COLLECTION – SOUTH AMERICA!

As you may already know, over the last few months, I’ve been messing around with my colourful paintings and looking at them from different perspectives. I usually take a particular section of a canvas and then create a gorgeous, new image by converting it into a different shape i.e. a star, flower or heart design. This has been very successful but then I recently started looking at forming patterns and WOW! What an amazing discovery! I now have 100 new designs just by making patterns from my original art which in turn, makes new original art.

So, over the coming month of March I shall be posting every day, three examples of these stunning new patterns on various items. Remember, every design can be found on a range of products, not just the item in the picture, so If you like the look of the cushion, you may actually love the same design on a scarf.


Which leads me to my new and improved website. When you click SHOP, in the top right-hand corner, you will see a selection of products that will lead you through to my Redbubble shop front. The reason I chose Redbubble is that I can concentrate more on creating rather than stocktaking, packaging and storage.

So, this is how it works, you choose what you want to buy and RB take care of the rest. You will possibly find, at busy times that the delivery is slightly slower but that is because they are printing my design just for you and at certain times of the year, it can get extra busy, add a pandemic into the mix and that can slow things down some more so it may be wise to think ahead if you are looking for a gift but do get in touch if you have any issues.


Speaking of gifts…….it’s competition time! Yes, I shall be giving away one of my fabulous Tote Bags at the end of the month so be sure to like and share my Facebook page to be within a chance of winning this beautiful but very practical prize. I shall be posting more details, next week.


Well, that was fun! Thank you once again for all your love and support and don’t forget you can follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

See you soon, PG x

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