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How does licensing work?

If you would like to use one of my designs or patterns for personal or commercial use, we can have a chat to work out the best option for you. Here' s a brief outline of the agreements available but everything can be tailored to fit your purpose.

Non Exclusive

You pay for the rights to use my designs on your product, the terms of usage and compensation will be agreed upon by both parties prior to any files being transferred. However, the art work is not exclusive so I can use and sell that same design to other people with a different agreement. All copyright stays with me.



You pay for the right to use my art on your product, the terms of usage, compensation, and length of contract will be agreed upon by both parties. As an exclusive license you will have the exclusive use of that design in your market (e.g. greetings cards or gift wrapping) for the length of the agreement. However, I may chose to license it in a non-competing industry, (e.g. coffee cups or kitchen aprons) during that time. Once the length of the agreement is up you may choose to renew or not. All copyrights stay with me.

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