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Who is Spoonflower?

Spoonflower are the lovely people I work with to produce the fabric and wallpaper that you can buy in my shop. They are based in both the US and Germany so they can provide worldwide shipping throughout the year. The link here takes you directly through to my shop on their website making it easier for you to look for the exact fabric or wallpaper you require. 
The quality of their products is extremely high and every week they have a design challenge which pushes me to create new and interesting designs I would never have thought of before, making them the ideal partners for me and my brand. Any question? Drop me a line here...

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Fabric and Wallpaper

Xmas Collection

New This Week


New In Shop

This fabulous design was put together for Xmas but it could also be used for tree lovers.

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New in Shop

A stunning abstract design using elements from an original artwork.


New in Shop

My favourite time of year and this beautiful design captures the season perfectly.

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You can do more than decorate your room with it. Find out more here


Free Sewing


Easy to follow patterns and if you get stuck, there's a whole network of support

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Fashion Designer at Work

Choosing Your Fabric

If you're an experienced sewer there's a very good chance you know what fabric you want for your sewing project but that doesn't mean you are prepared to put an order in without feeling the quality of the fabric before you purchase and if you're a beginner, well, where do you start?


The idea of putting a collection together around one central theme can go one of two ways. It can follow the subject e.g. seasons, animals, flowers or maybe a mood/atmosphere. Or it can follow colour which includes tones, shades and coordinates. But how do you coordinate?

Design Challenge

Sometimes it can be extremely obvious when you look at a room, what is needed. It can be a splash of colour, a big bold print, elegant understatement or a fun, inspiring message. But what if you have a blank slate and you have no idea what you want or need?

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